Unfinished Chapters (Short Story)


Unfinished Chapters

Samira | Springside West Secondary College |
Primary English | Term 1 2024

Part One: Stacy.

“Stacy Lock: 5 points for assistance to the ones in need” those were the words that shone brightly through the screen. Her chest swelled with pride and satisfaction. She started making her way through the towers, taking the same specific route she used. For the young it was difficult to make their way around the sections, the three looming towers connecting through various different paths and complex gateways. “Sector two: Stacy Lock – 435 points. Approved.” She heard the words chime through the tablet and she scanned her marked wrist. There were three sectors, each holding different statuses. Lower class: sector one. Upper Middle: sector two and finally the hierarchy, the supreme leaders who keep track of the marks, the balance of the world at their very fingertips. Each day points were removed or added, keeping track of those who are good citizens and easily distinguishing those who are dangerous, who are placed into section one. As Stacy continued her journey through the towering structures, she couldn’t shake off the sense of responsibility that came with her elevated status in Sector Two. The bright lights and bustling crowds around her were a stark contrast to the dim, desolate alleys of Sector One, where those deemed dangerous were exiled. It was a reminder of the importance of her role in maintaining order and helping those in need. Navigating through the labyrinthine pathways, Stacy kept a keen eye out for anyone who might require her assistance. She had earned her points through various acts of kindness and service, from aiding the elderly to mentoring the younger generation. Each action, no matter how small, contributed to her standing in the community and her sense of fulfillment. She couldn’t help but grin childishly as she rubbed the points engraved into her wrists. Her whole life things had been easy for her and carefree. She has always been one to like, someone kind and caring but passionate. Winding through the halls she couldn’t help but pause… There was another person, a young girl like her. “Hello” she said, trying to catch a glimpse of her face. The other woman turned towards her. “Oh…” the smile plastered on Stacy’s face dropped, she felt her chest waver. She was hurt. And badly. “Are you-“Stacy started, quickly being cut off. “Don’t touch me” were the words that followed as the young girl started walking away. She was about to reach out for the mysterious girl but felt taken aback. “10” she muttered, the number shining brightly in a dark red colour against the girl’s skin. She saw her pause. “What, scared?” she heard a mocking reply. Stacy hesitated. This girl was close to being exiled. Just what had she done? “No… My name is Stacy Lock. Sector Two” she replied. The way she was taught to politely introduce herself. “State name and sector.” She could hear her teacher echo through her mind. She stared in anticipation. “Your name is?…” “Katie. Katie Tran” not wanted to push her anymore, Stacy grinned. “Well Katie, Let’s get yourself fixed.”

Part 2: Katie Tran

The rooms were filled but felt empty. As Katie walked through the halls of the place she should call home, her chest felt tight and her breathing unsteady. Each day was a challenge for her. She kept reminding herself that this was the only way to move forward. She was determined to try her hardest and fight to survive, but it was difficult. She hoped the day would come when she could finally feel content in this unfamiliar place, though she had been here her whole life. She was scared. Each mistake she made was adding up slowly and at any moment she could be exiled, sent away with no one to miss her. She felt like a bird trapped in a cage, its wings clipped and unable to soar freely. The desire for freedom and a sense of belonging burned within her, like a flame struggling to break free from its confines. “How many points have been removed now?” Katie thought to herself “I’m not sure what to do.” She felt weak. She had hoped she was doing better. She thought she could finally make it out of the hell called home. “All because I refused to get married” Katie cursed to herself.

Part 3: End

“Kid!” she could hear someone yell as she ran in after Katie. The distant yells flurried through her mind, and she felt a wave of anxiety and determination. This was it. This is what needs to be done. For the first time in her life, she knew it was wrong. For the first time she knew what she should do. Not for the system, not for the hierarchy, but for her herself and for what was right. And then there they were, the outskirts.

Samira | Springside West Secondary College

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