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Student testimonials

Our past and present students talk about what studying at VSV meant to them.

Meet Alex

‘Studying at VSV has been an amazing experience as it has allowed me to combine my education with the training and travel needs for my tennis. I enjoy working independently and the teachers have been very supportive!’

Past student


Meet Senator Hanson-Young

‘Studying through [VSV] gave me the ability to study subjects in high school that weren’t offered at my local school in Victoria…The experience offered me a well-rounded education; one that truly prepared me for the “real-world” once I left school.’

Past student


Meet Maya Rose

‘After being diagnosed with chronic fatigue in year 10, I wasn’t able to attend a mainstream school and started studying at VSV. I’m grateful for the flexibility that VSV gave me for completing high school.’

Past student


Meet Steph

‘VSV has allowed me to follow my dreams of performing whilst also keeping up with my school work. I like how I can choose which subjects I do and have the flexibility to focus on that, then move onto the next one.’

Current student