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Foundation – Year 10

Welcome to our Foundation – Year 6 and Year 7–10 subschools. You can find out more about what it is like to study with us and how to access our portal.
Primary Students in LAB 2

Who are our students?

We have students from a wide range of backgrounds. There are some students who are enrolled at VSV because they are travelling within Victoria, Australia or overseas. For some of our students, illness or medical issues prevent them from attending mainstream school. For some, it is too far to travel to the local school and others are involved in elite sports programs, dance programs or the entertainment industry. We offer Personalised Learning Plans for all students.

Secondary Lesson 3

Who are our teachers?

All teachers at VSV are registered with the Victorian Institute of Teaching. They have a wealth of experience and knowledge and regularly attend professional development to maintain up to date skills.

Currently all staff are involved in professional development in creating interactive online curriculum.

Teachers contact students via phone, SMS, email, Skype and online collaborative activities.

To contact your teachers, phone reception on 8480 0000 or contact them via phone or email directly.


Every day counts – school attendance

We all want our students to get a great education, and the building blocks for a great education begin with students coming to school each and every day.

At VSV, this means undertaking the learning program and submitting work according to the individual submission timetable and being in regular (weekly) contact with teachers.

This aims to encourage engagement with VSV studies and assist in the achievement of learning goals, which in turn has a positive impact on students reaching their desired educational pathway after compulsory schooling.

Submitting work according to the individual submission timetable is vital, but if for any reason your child is unable to adhere to the timetable, there are things we can do together to ensure they don’t fall behind:

  • speak with your subject teacher and find out which learning tasks your child needs to do to keep up
  • develop an effective study routine with your support teacher and ensure your child stays on track.
Primary Teacher Student working together

Develop an effective study routine with your support teacher and ensure your child stays on track.

The Department of Education and Training (DET) has developed a new policy around student attendance and engagement which came into effect from 1 March 2014 and VSV is committed to ensuring our students are engaged with their learning. At VSV, student attendance and engagement is centred around submission of student work and contact with their teachers. If you’re having issues with your child engaging with their learning program at VSV, please let your child’s Learning Advisor know so we can work together to engage your child in their learning.

Does my child need any additional learning materials other than those sent by VSV?

Yes, some subjects require a text book that needs to be purchased through our book supplier. Mathematics subjects also require the purchase of a calculator. The booklist was sent in your child’s package or can be accessed from here.



The Portal is available for parents and supervisors to track student progress and access reports. This includes current subject status, assignments and reports. To register go to, insert your email address as supplied to VSV, your first and family name. A confirmation email address and password to access the Portal will be sent.