Luke and Old Fred (Poem)


Luke and Old Fred

Keiran| Moyston Primary School |
Primary English | Term 1 2024

Part 1

Just born, with the rest of the litter

Warm sweet milk, not sour or bitter.

Soft whining, with his sisters and brothers

One happy pup, curled up warm with the others.

Old Fred grumbling, tired to the core

Last week his wife died, not with him anymore.

Now the noise of puppies, keeping him awake

He had to do something, he feels he’s going to break.

Part 2

Grabbed by the neck, hurled in a sack

Fear grips the puppies, light turns to black.

Sudden cold water, water all around

No air to save them, soon they’ll be drowned.

Old Fred chuckling, turning from the lake

Won’t be bothered by the whining keeping him awake.

Old Fred limping off, crooked in his back

Didn’t notice that there was a hole in the sack.

One bedraggled puppy, struggles to the shore

Alone in the world now, frightened to the core.

One little puppy, with a picture in his head

Of a limping, crooked man who thought he was dead.

Many seasons pass, and the pup’s now four

Living on the streets, not behind a door.

Roaming off his leash, he’s free as a cloud

Playing with the kids, he’s wild and he’s proud.

Old man in the park, resting on a log

Looking with angry eyes, at Luke the dog.

Luke doesn’t care, he doesn’t seem to know

The old man jumps up, he’s got somewhere to go.

Luke now remembers, the limp and crooked back,

The old man who stole his family, drowned them in a sack

Luke played with death, the first time he won

He didn’t want Old Fred to finish what he’d begun.

Old Fred is walking fast, to the grocery shop

He picks up a rope, and a big lamb chop.

The rope as a lasso, the lamb chop for bait

He knows how to catch, another old mate.

The next day Luke, with the kids in the park

Licking, laughing, chasing, running, rolling, wagging. Bark!

All he really wants to be, is free and living

He really is, all happy and giving.

The trap is now set, it’s looking fine and good

Old Fred sits to wait, on the log of wood.

Waiting for Luke the dog, to be caught by Old Fred

He will drown him in the lake, and soon Luke will be dead.

Luke sees the chunk of meat, but knows that something’s up

He will not lose this fight, he will not give up.

Luke has to play his cards right, he has to think ahead

He has a plan he knows will work, to trap Old Fred instead.

Old Fred hears some whining, he walks up to the trap

He sees nothing there, and gives his head a little slap.

What he doesn’t see, is a fierce flying flash,

Luke bounds up from where he hid, and hits him with a crash!

Paws grounded on Old Fred, pinning him to the ground

Teeth bared, eyes red, saliva flicking all around.

Luke growling deep and low, his anger and his hurt

Old Fred paralysed, lying in the dirt.

Something changed in Luke’s growl, it sounded like a whine

Old Fred heard a familiar tone, he knew this poor canine.

It’s you, it’s you, how can it be? I drowned you in the lake.

Why haven’t you killed me, why are you sad, have I made a big mistake?

Eyes meet eyes, soul meets soul

Enemies so different, two parts become a whole.

Luke offers forgiveness, Old Fred offers sorrow

Connection and friendship, they make a new tomorrow.

Part 3

Each day in the park, an old man and a dog

Sit peacefully together, on that same old log.

Showing love to each other, by a pat and a nuzzle

Two hurt, jagged pieces, completing the puzzle.

Keiran | Moyston Primary School

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