In Lands of Magic… (Poem)


In Lands of Magic…

Jayden Zhang | Alamanda K-9 College |
Primary English | Term 1 2024

In lands of magic and mystery unfurled,
Where dreams and reality are twirled,
A wizardry adventure of the imaginary world,
Fascination in those that swirled.

A million views lay eyes on adventures,
Make it one that’s all legendary,
Where dragons soar and heroes venture,
In a realm where the extraordinary is ordinary.

Through enchanted forests and mountains tall,
Where ancient spells and prophecies call,
Brave souls heed the mystical beckon,
In a saga that will forever enthrall.

So let the tale of courage and might,
Echo through the ages, shining bright,
In the hearts of those who dare to dream,
Of a legendary adventure, a timeless sparkle.

Jayden Zhang | Alamanda K-9 College

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