Dystopian Short Story


Dystopian Short Story

Chloe | Springside West Secondary College |
Primary English | Term 1 2024

I enter the room with a calm and steady pace and lock the door behind me. Flipping the lights on and doing some last adjustments to my outfit, I make sure my mask and hood are firmly placed as I go to sit down in front of a camera and turn it on. Taking a deep breath, I smile under my mask and wave towards the camera.

‘Hello everyone! I hope you all are having a lovely day.’ I say in a cheerful tone.

‘It’s your host, Clover. I thank you all for turning up to my podcast.’ I give a light bow to the camera and start getting to the point.

‘Anyhow, enough with the theatrics. I’ll start today’s blog with a little recap of the government’s history and mine for the new viewers here.’ I clap my hands to get the attention of the viewers watching.

‘The government, Alter, has been in power for a very long time, today marking its 20th year of tyranny. In the process of its rise to power it promised the people freedom, stability, and unity. But after it took control, all it did was implement a horrible regime of brainwashing the youth, restricting people’s rights, violating people’s privacy, and incarcerating, even killing, people who oppose it.’ Disdain fills my voice.

‘And I know that some of you watching, support, or are even a part of this messed up system.’ I sigh.

‘To give a summary regarding my… altercations with Alter would be tricky, so I’ll try to keep it brief.’

‘My relationship with Alter is quite complicated to say the least. But to put it in simple terms, it’s like a game of cat and mouse. I act as a maddening thorn in their side as they constantly try to hunt and track me down.’ I laugh in mockery.

‘Obviously though, they haven’t been able to do that well as I’m quite versed at covering my tracks’.

‘To my regular viewers it an established fact that I’m quite well-versed in the ways of hacking, which is a small part of how I’ve been able to avoid detection and capture for so long.’

‘My skill set has also made it able for me to get my hands on sensitive and typically confidential information…  Although…’ My gaze wavers for a moment as my tone shifts into a serious demeanour.

‘… That brings me to the heavy announcement – no, proclamation I wished to talk about today.’ I shuffle to face the camera directly and take a moment to compose myself for what I’m about to state.

‘This has been something some of my smarter viewers have speculated on for a while and it is something I will confirm…’ I pause for a moment and clench my fist.

‘I am a part of the revolutionaries.’  I say, my voice firm.

After a bit of silence the tension in my body relaxes and I lean back into my chair and sigh as I tilt my head back. After a couple of moments pass, I sit back on my chair normally and continue.

‘But that isn’t the only thing I wish to say today.’ I stare at the camera complex expression under my mask.

‘This is an official statement, speaking not only from me but as a representative of the revolutionary forces.’

‘Alter. You have reigned over us with an iron fist for far too long, exploited us for two decades with a cruel and apathetic gaze. Our hatred. Our animosity! For you Alter, it’s endless.’ My voice grows louder, and I take a shaky breath.

‘The time for a stand has been long in the making, Alter. Prepare for your final days, the revolution means War.’ I declare, my voice sounding cold, even to my own ears.

I stand and walk out of the camera view and switch it off, knowing the coming days ahead will be full of hardship and blood. But I have faith, the revolution will win.

My voice sounding chillingly calm at such a statement, even to myself.

Chloe | Springside West Secondary College

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