“Contrasting Threads: The rich in sorrow, the poor in joy” (Short Story excerpt)


“Contrasting Threads: The rich in sorrow, the poor in joy”

Jordan | Lyndhurst Secondary College |
Primary English | Term 1 2024

In the heart of the dystopian cosmos, two lives unfolded in stark contrast, woven together by the cruel tapestry and needles of fate. At the edge of the decaying cityscape, amidst the dilapidated buildings and flickering neon lights, lived Leo, a young boy whose threadbare clothes echoed the worn streets he roamed. Yet, within the confines of his meager existence, there existed an unyielding joy, a resilience born of simplicity and genuine altruism. Despite the scarcity of material wealth, Leo found solace in the laughter of fellow street kids in the same shoes as him and the occasional kindness of strangers, his makeshift shelter under a forgotten overpass as a sanctuary safe-guarding the chaos that engulfed the world outside.

Contrastingly, within the gilded towers that pierced among the smog-laden but ceaseless skylines, resided Chris, adorned in opulent fabrics that whispered of untold riches. Yet, beneath the clusters of luxury, lay a cavernous emptiness, his life a hollow facade moving onwards of extravagance and excess. Surrounded by fleeting pleasures and superficial connections, Chris found himself imprisoned by the golden chains of his wealth, yearning for a glimpse of the genuine happiness that seemed to elude his grasp. In the cold embrace of his lavish penthouse, he was haunted by the echoes of loneliness, his wealth serving only to deepen the clefts between himself and the world outside his ostentatious tower.

Jordan | Lyndhurst Secondary College

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