The Great Win for Humanity (Short Story)


The Great Win for Humanity

Jackson | Kennington Primary School |
Primary English | Term 4 2023

There I sat, peering down at an old rusted picture of my dad with a medal which I couldn’t figure out what it was. I shed a tear in remembrance of his accomplished life.

Suddenly the TV turned on, and flickered with charcoal stripes flying down the screen.

“Bang” the screen now showed the president of the world being held captive by what looked like aliens. I jumped out of my seating position, well it wasn’t really a jump it was more of a leap, as I had jarred my head on the corner of the table. My head was throbbing, but what was more important was… ‘What The Hell Is Going On With The President?!’

As the so-called alien was talking, the boy listened and heard that the aliens were threatening to destroy the world if one random kid couldn’t beat their champion swimmer. “Hey this is my story to tell mister so get your 3rd person out of here!”

The boy got mad because some dude was annoying him, but I wonder who?

“Can you shoosh, what’s so hard, I’m trying to be cool here.” The boy yelled

Anyway I was speechless. I didn’t know what to do as I’ve just met my idol, Aliens!!!

 “Um kid are you ok, they just threatened to destroy the world and you’re excited?”

Uhm kind of, just look how cool they are with their webbed feet and hands, gloomy googly eyes, how can’t you love them?” explained the boy excitedly

“To be honest, you need some serious help.”

“Take that back, now!” screamed the boy

“Fine, wait did they just say your name? I think they just said you have to beat them in a swimming race.”

“You’re joking, right, right?’ said the boy as he finally looked at the screen.

Oh, you’re not, I now see why It’s bad, really bad” he said while negative thoughts were penetrating his soft felt mind

Yeah aren’t you gonna……” The narrator couldn’t speak as he watched the screaming boy getting sucked up in the air by a lime green beam and into a massive UFO.

At that moment I was petrified I didn’t know what to do. The whole world was now on my back and I was just a wimp, I didn’t want to do this not at all! I am going to go into a breakdown, I want a necessity not a choice!

Jacob got thrown into a huge stadium, with beaming lights flashing down, showing his bright red hair. In front of him was a 50m sky blue pool that was infested with gazes from the watchers. Jacob looked up and saw one grandstand full of dreaded, scared open mouthed people, and another grandstand full of aliens with a piercing eye stare, and a freakish grin.

I was shaking in my boots with sweat drooling down my freckled face, everyone was looking at me, I felt so small and weak but I knew that I had to do this.

Violet suited guards, grappled Jacob by the shoulder, then tossed him up on the swimming platform.

And that’s where he met Evader, an 8-foot-tall freak, with muscles written all over, dark greenish purple skin reflecting off the lights.

“Is that my opponent?… cause if it is Ima…”

“Shoosh stop complaining, or I’ll come up there and push you in!” yelled the narrator

The boy suddenly got a spark inside, he now felt so alive, and with a pounce of a foot he was gone.

“Omg I’m narrating, and plus he hasn’t ever gone yet” exclaimed the REAL NARRATOR

“Bang” Off Jacob, swiveling his body around, dashing in the first half. But once they got to the wall, he missed the push off and lost a lot of time to big muscles. Just then Jacob went into overdrive mode and was slicing through the sparkling water. 10 metres left Jacob was rapidly gaining and, and……. He WON!!!!!!

With his fist pumping in the air as he got out of the water. The humans were flabbergasted, the aliens were too but not in the same way.

They dropped the humans on the ground then said angrily “We’ll be back!’ and with a flick of a wrist, the charcoal black UFO blasted off into space.

Down on the prickled wet grass, the humans were applauding Jacobs winning efforts, and chanting his name. That day, that event, would go down as the great win of humanity.

Jackson | Kennington Primary School

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