Deep Blue (Short Story)


Deep Blue

Isabelle | Yarrawonga College P-12 |
Primary English | Term 4 2023

Olivia was gazing out to the farmlands where she lived with her grandparents. Many years ago, her parents were lost at sea when she was little. She felt like she never knew them. All she knew was that her mum had the same deep black hair that she does; that they both loved the ocean. Olivia glanced down at the weird mark on her wrist – she can remember her Dad saying ‘always remember you are special – make sure you don’t give up when she asked her Dad about the mark on her right wrist.

 Her grandpa walked out of the door. ‘Hey my little girl, I have your birthday present. It is from your parents for your 11th birthday.’ ‘Can I have it now.’ ‘That’s why I’m out here isn’t it. Follow me.’ Olivia followed her grandpa up the creaky stairs, she used to be scared of, into the attic. She gets led into a part of the attic she had never gone into. The off-limits area. At the back of the off-limits area she found a sparkly cupboard with markings on it. Inside the cupboard she sees a small box. Her grandpa takes it out of the cupboard and hands it to her. ‘Open it.’ Olivia gently opens the small box trying not to drop the precious item inside. Inside lies a necklace. ‘What is it grandpa?’ ‘Something that your parents treasured and wanted to give it to you themselves. You should wear it.’ ‘ Ok grandpa.’ As Olivia put on the necklace it glowed brightly. ‘Come on Olivia time to go to bed. Time sure flies by up here. Hope you liked your birthday.’ ‘I did, thanks a lot grandpa and thanks mum and dad I will always love you.’ Olivia had sweet dreams that night.

 The next morning the trio went to the beach for the day. Olivia brought the necklace that her parents gave her. She wore it proudly. When they got to the beach Olivia’s grandparents went to get some snacks. While they were gone Olivia went to go feel the water. She hopped in and started swimming around. The water flowed freely around her as she danced in it. She found a spot that felt a bit like glue. She swished around in it for a bit and then she got pulled under.

 Olivia struggled and squirmed just trying to get above the watery gooey mess she found herself in. She is really good at holding her breath but this is taking too long. She had to get to the surface but she is getting pulled deeper. She took her last breath expecting her lungs to get filled with water but instead of that her necklace glowed. ‘What.’ Olivia gurgled. ‘I can breathe. Is this hell, no this is amazing.’ Olivia started doing backflip after backflip after backflip. She did loop de loops and underwater cartwheels that really just made her look like a big spinning starfish.

 And then Olivia heard a voice in her ear. It sounded like her mum. ‘Olivia you are amazing, you can do so many things. Your dad and I always knew you are special. Now look at you, did you like my gift?’ ‘Yes, I love it!’ ‘I knew you would, my little pea. Oh, and by the way, happy birthday for yesterday. I love you, you know that right.’ ‘Yes, mum.’ ‘Good, bye sweetie.’ ‘Wait don’t go, not again.’ As Olivia’s mum’s ghost disappeared into the abyss Olivia knew what she had to do. Make her mum proud. But how? Olivia went to go find out.

 Olivia started to swim, it is much easier with the necklace and can go further. After swimming for a bit she found a city in ruins. She searched in some of the houses crafted out of decorative coral. Olivia was stunned by the beauty of it all. ‘This is stunning.’ Olivia said in awe. ‘Yeah, it really is.’ Said a mermaid that came out of one of the unchecked coral marvels. ‘Who are you?’ ‘Sorry, I am Coral. Who are you?’ ‘I am Olivia.’ ‘Why don’t you have a tail like me?’ ‘Well I am sorter from the surface.’ ‘ Really wow, I need to know, what are those?’ ‘Do you mean my toes?’ ‘Tooess. It’s funny, Tooess.’

 ‘ Wait, I need to show you something!’ ‘What is it?’ ‘Just follow me.’ Coral led Olivia to a secret cave. ‘Look at this.’ ‘ What is it?’ ‘It is our prophecy. The prophecy says when someone from the surface comes here they will defeat the wretched monster attacking our city, Locomoto the sea dragon!’ ‘Where does Locomoto live, Coral?’ ‘Locomoto lives in the trenches and comes out at night on a full moon and wreaks havoc.’ ‘Well I am going to pay Mr Locomoto a visit and teach him a lesson.’ ‘Good luck, he is in a terrible mood.’

 Olivia set off on the journey to the trenches. In a couple of minutes Olivia made it to the trenches and found the cave where Locomoto dwells. She enters the black hole that leads to Locomoto. The entrance caves in. Then let’s go to a part of the cave that is wider than the rest. Olivia can see shipwrecks that look as if it is Locomoto’s bed. ‘Who goes there?’ Booms an old gravelly voice that sounds like a sailor’s.

To be continued.

Isabelle | Yarrawonga College P-12

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