Rehan – Mr Blob and King D (Short Story)


Mr Blob and King D (Short Story)

Rehan | Berwick Fields Primary School
Primary English | Term 1 2021

In a dark castle on planet Deathobia, King D awoke and glanced out the window. As he looked across the landscape of his vast kingdom, he felt something was different. To the east the sun was peeking over the horizon, to the south the trees were swaying in the breeze, to the west the horses frolicked in their paddocks and to the north, wait….what was that?

A strange shadow was moving this way. At first King D couldn’t make out what the shadow belonged to. As the shadow advanced, he took a deep breath and pondered. “No!” he exclaimed. “It couldn’t be!” He squinted, it sure looked like it. He got out his telescope and directed it towards the advancing shadow. He let out a gasp, “Not today Mr Blob, not today!”

“I come in peace!” yelled Mr Blob as he approached King D’s castle. “I don’t want to fight you, I just want to talk.” “Talk?!” yelled King D, “What could you possibly want to talk to me about?” “For too long, we the people of Super Earth have lived in fear of you King D. We want to wake up every day knowing that we are safe, that we don’t have to live in fear of you and your constant threats to invade our planet. We pose no threat to you King D so I have come to ask, on behalf of the people of Super Earth, what is it that you want from our planet?”

“What makes you think I want something and that I don’t want to destroy you and all your people because I am an evil man?” said King D. “I believe there is good in everyone, even in you King D, so I have come to seek out that good that hides inside you and find a way for the people of Super Earth to live without fear.” “Good, good,” laughed King D, “Are you sure there is good inside of me? Maybe I am an exception and there is no good to be found.” “Perhaps that is so,” sighed Mr Blob. “But, I don’t believe it. I have yet to come across someone who had no good inside of them. For years, you have threatened my planet yet you never seek to destroy us. It’s as if there is something we have on our planet that you want, admire even. What is it that you seek?”

“You are very clever Mr Blob, and you are right. I could have destroyed Super Earth and its many inhabitants many times years ago yet, that would not satisfy me. Deathobia may be a vast and rich planet but, there is one thing it lacks. The atmosphere does not allow for certain things to flourish here as it does on Super Earth. Perhaps you are right, perhaps we can talk and come to an agreement. I could easily kill you right now but, it seems you did not come here with that same intent so we shall come to a compromise. If you give me what I want I shall sign a decree that I will never threaten your planet and its existence for as long as I shall live, which will be forever as I am immortal. You must supply Deathobia with one tonne of freshly picked marshmallows every Monday by noon.” “One tonne of freshly picked marshmallows? Is that all that you want?” exclaimed Mr Blob. “Why yes, that is all I have ever wanted. I have a sweet tooth and love to eat marshmallows, but we cannot grow them here and my many chefs have failed to make anything even remotely similar.”

Mr Blob extended his hand, “You have a deal. We will supply you with one tonne of marshmallows every Monday by noon. Just sign here and you have a deal.” King D pulled out his pen and signed on the dotted line. “I shall personally deliver the marshmallows for as long as I live,” said Mr Blob. As he headed out the door to return to Super Earth, he smiled to himself. All the years of living in fear had now been resolved with marshmallows. He couldn’t quite believe it. Wait until he returned to Super Earth, he would be assured of a hero’s welcome.

Rehan | Berwick Fields Primary School

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