Iggy – The Lamppost (Short Story)


The Lamppost (Short Story)

Iggy | Sorrento Primary School
Primary English | Term 1 2021

The girl wandered towards the moth-covered lamppost she had seen so many times before, her jet-black hair glistening in the moonlight. She had been running from something for a very long time, and now all she could muster was a slow amble. She could feel every bump and divot on the long, winding road beneath her feet. The lumpy cobblestone bricks gave her feet little to no rest.

A rustling from nearby indicated that a creature was lurking within the dense bushes around her. This sent a lightning-bolt of fear deep into her heart, sending a shiver down her spine. Yet she could not run away, her legs would not allow her. A glowing creature emerged from the bushes. Its four spider-like eyes entranced the girl and made her defenceless against its power.

She unwittingly climbed upon the great creatures back. The great creature’s four legs were at once in motion, travelling at high speed. The girl clung tightly on to the rein-like nubs of fur on the majestic creature’s back. Its gritty yellow hooves impaled the soft soil-like ground it was traversing on. A mysterious figure loomed over the path they were travelling on. The creature stopped, and the figure gestured for the girl to hop off the horse-like creature. “Thank you, Satori, for bringing her here.” He murmured to the creature. The figure pushed the girl towards a dingy-looking shack, and the figure’s shabby beard was revealed when he pulled open the creaky, old wooden door.

The girl peered inside the shack and, unsurprisingly, it was an awful-looking space that you could not even classify as a home. The old wizard ambled with the help of his cane towards a cupboard, where he pulled out some sort of a scroll. He rolled the wooden edges of the scroll, and it depicted the girl giving additional power to Satori. “This is your destiny!” he hissed at the girl. At that moment, a strange noise came from the dense foliage behind the cabin.

The sound of smashing glass pierced the girl’s eardrums as a small creature aggressively came out of a hundred tiny shards of window. It completely ignored the girl, and its crimson red body lunged towards the old man. The man seemingly had reflexes as fast as lightning, as before anyone could blink, he pulled out his bumpy old staff and put it where the creature was ramming him. The creature’s leafy horns wrapped around the staff and began striking him with it. The man fell to the hard wooden floor, and the creature’s breathing slowed down. The girl watched intensely in disbelief, and as the creature got calmer and calmer, it became less of a crimson red and more of a serene shade of blue. The girl seemed to remember it from somewhere, and she patted it. The old man had vanished, and so had Satori. An immense wave of starvation pulled at her stomach, causing her to fall to the ground. It was only now that she questioned ‘Where am I?’

The girl and the Bluepee wandered out of the shack. The girl realised that she wasn’t where she was before, she was back at the lamppost. She had to squint to read the tattered bus timetable on the lamppost. Hopefully, it wouldn’t be too long. The two could almost feel a presence lurking just outside their peripheral vision. The old man was there, pointing his cane like a gun whilst riding Satori. In the distance they saw a pair of headlights. “It’s time to go,” she hastily murmured to herself and the Bluepee.

Iggy | Sorrento Primary School

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