Archie – A Sorcerer’s Doing (Short Story)


A Sorcerer’s Doing (Short Story)

Archie | Buln Buln Primary School
Primary English | Term 1 2021

Jason pounded down the dusty old stairs of the poor person’s house he’d just crashed through, listening to the ever-nearing voices of them. His heart leapt into his mouth as he heard the ominous shout, loud enough to shatter glass, of Toshak, the madman leading the angry mob of people out to get him. “I see him! Get him!” Instantaneously, almost without thinking, he focused on his hand and a faint smile touched his lips as a glowing, pulsating purple ball formed in his hand. He reached the end of the stairs and pelted to the back door of the dull brown house, kicking it open as he did so. He glanced up quickly and marvelled at how beautiful the stars were at night. He then ran a few metres further from the door and muttered a short incantation, flinging the ball back behind with him, timed perfectly with the arrival of the now enraged mob, which only further signifies the many years of hard disciplined training that he had experienced throughout the past five years. When it reached the mob, which was the moment they reached the bottom of the stairs, it set off a small explosion, which sent them flying into the handrail of the stairs behind them. He heard the crack of bones breaking from those at the back, and then the soft, muffled thud of unconscious bodies hitting the floor. This sound continued for a while, and a grim smile ventured onto Jason’s features. I must have gotten them all, Jason thought. He would soon find out how badly mistaken he was.

Toshak ran down the stairs in pursuit of Jason, sprinting faster and faster all the time. He caught sight of Jason rounding the curve of the creaky stairs in front of him, and bellowed back to the mob of outraged-looking people waving pitchforks, swords, battle-axes and torches that called themselves his supporters. “I see him! Get him!” The mob let out a roar of rage and sprinted hard, waving their weapons faster and faster with more energy and rage coursing through them. As they surged down the rest of the steps and spilt out onto the flat stretch of floorboards to the back door, a glowing purple ball flew through the doorway, heading straight towards them. Toshak, anticipating this, yelled an order to his elite troops and he and his special force rolled sideways to dodge the speeding ball. The others, not understanding the order, stayed on a straight path and were hit by the ball. It exploded and they were thrown back, those at the back hitting their backs against the stairway bannister and breaking their backs, the others hitting those people then slumping to the ground, unconscious. Toshak and his elite force slipped away to follow their target, noticed by no-one.

Jason rounded a corner and slipped into a dark alleyway, seeming to melt away into the darkness, almost invisible to the untrained eye. He walked further and further into the alleyway, stopping at a point to rest. He leaned against the wall and started to take a few deep breaths to still the rush of adrenaline coursing through his veins. Just as he accomplished this, his adrenaline was up and at it again as a black-toed boot flew at him through the sky, aiming for his temples, which, as any skilled warrior would know, would knock him out cold. He ducked to the left, already feeling the purple ball start to form in his hands. Then Toshak landed in front of him. “Well, well, well. Jason, always resorting to his precious magic to help him out.” He put on a baby voice now, and Jason saw instantly he was trying to trick him into not using magic. “I know what you’re doing.” He replied through gritted teeth. He was about to start fighting when all Toshak’s elite force members landed in a circle around him, surrounding him. He realised there were times to fight and times to flee. He judged this was a time to flee. He glanced at the group encircling him, then threw the ball at his feet and blasted off into the night sky.

Archie | Buln Buln Primary School

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