Thomas’s Commitment to Growth Acknowledged

camera brett jordan

Year 9 student, Thomas, received a significant acknowledgment – a VSV Values letter for the value of Growth. This recognition highlighted Thomas’s active participation in class by turning on his camera and microphone during virtual meetings.

Thomas was pleasantly surprised by the recognition.

“I was definitely surprised,” he said.

 “I was just following my habit of turning on my camera and microphone when I join a meeting. I know for some people that’s not easy, and I can relate to those people.”

Acknowledging that not all students are comfortable turning their cameras on, Thomas said it’s important for students to engage in a way that works for them.

“Being in a big Webex meeting at first is quite different, and some people struggle with that, which is okay. But even sending a text in the Webex group chat is a great first step. Engaging is a great way to get answers to questions about your work.”

The VSV value of growth is something Thomas identifies with.

“It’s a way to measure improvement. For example, when I started learning guitar, I couldn’t play a chord, but as I practiced, I got better. My improvement is small, but I have still improved.”

In the future, Thomas hopes to play guitar at community events as a hobby.

VSV values letters allow teachers to formally recognise students who are living any of the four VSV values: Growth, Empathy, Respect and Collaboration.

Congratulations, Thomas!

Photo courtesy of Brett Jordan

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