Meet the SRC’s Executive!


President – Megan

I’m Megan and I am in year 12. This is my second year attending VSV part-time, along with an in-person school. I am extremely grateful for being elected as President of the SRC this year.

A bit about me, I play netball and piano, I love animals, and I aspire to pursue a career in the medical field.

I have various ideas for the SRC in 2024, and I am excited to see what we achieve in the coming months. To name a few, I hope to help increase the recognition students receive for their achievements, and I would love to introduce a friendly fitness challenge to bring our school community together, despite our physical separation.

I look forward to hearing ideas from students at VSV, and working together with the SRC to promote changes that benefit our school community.

Vice President – Aayaan

My name is Aayaan and I am in Year 7 . This is my second year at VSV. It is an honour to be appointed as the Vice President of our VSV community.

In my spare time , I play cricket and would love to represent Australia one day. If not a cricketer, it would have to be architecture in the future. I also love all formats of art and learning new things along my journey.

I am a firm believer in teamwork and effective communication and  hence would like to focus on those key pointers through various engagement programs in my role. I have numerous ideas for our team’s growth, such as creating new clubs and groups in which our community can socialise with peers in what they love doing most.

I am excited to see the significant changes we make, and the ideas we discuss as a team. I am looking forward to seeing all of us grow as a team and individuals.

“Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work , a company work , a society work and a civilization work.”

–  Vince Lombardi

SRC Chairperson – Shaahid

I’m Shaahid and I am in year 11. This is my first year at VSV. I applied for Chairperson to make positive changes to the school community.

A bit about myself, I enjoy volleyball, music, and art. I’m a very passionate person and I am very determined when I make my mind up. In the future I intend to go into the fields of business, law, or architecture.

As SRC Chairperson I intend to listen to all the ideas and make sure they are addressed and hopefully implemented in the school. I have many innovative ideas, and alongside the rest of the SRC, I hope to make positive and meaningful changes to the school and its community.

Senior School Student Representative – Thomas

I’m Thomas, this is my first year at VSV. I’m in year 11. I am looking forward to making positive improvements for the VSV community. Currently, I am focusing on creating more opportunities for social connections. I have already submitted ideas for the upcoming Connect Day and more.

The aim is to assist students socially. I personally can understand the struggles of just being a teenager – there’s a lot. Having social connections is something that can increase quality of life.

I like Batman and I love my kitty like he’s my son.

Middle School Student Representative – Olivia

I’m Olivia but you can call me Liv. This is my second year at VSV. I applied for middle school representative to help improve and bring new ideas to the school. For SRC I would like to achieve my ideas. For example, maybe the students should have goals for the whole school or to make/help create safe places for the teenagers to “hangout” or talk to each other about anything and to share their opinions. I feel strongly that everyone gets included in any activity. The main goal is to help the students feel more confident.

As a teenager who has struggled with confidence in the past, I feel strongly to include everyone!

Secretary – Amy

I’m Amy, this is my first year at VSV and I am in year 11. When I heard about the SRC I was anxious to join. I was warmly welcomed. It is really important to me to be connected with the school and the other students.

I feel really strongly about everyone feeling heard and this is one of the key reasons I applied for secretary. I take the meeting’s minutes and acknowledge everyone’s ideas and suggestions. My aim is to assist everyone in communicating and organising their ideas.

I am so excited to be a part of the 2024 SRC team!

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