“Brilliant” friendships sparked in Grampians

grampians fire

It was the most amazing camp I ever went on! Making friends in such a safe place without judgement really helped me get out of my shell and I would really encourage all full time VSV students to go for opportunities like this and enjoy them to the fullest! The exposure to nature and the exercise also really improved my mental wellbeing which lasted a long time afterwards, highly recommend!” VSV Student

These sentiments about last month’s Year 10-12 Camp in the Grampians were echoed by Camp Coordinator, Isobel Yates, who described the camp as “wonderful.”

Isobel said that the 39 students who attended the camp thoroughly enjoyed learning together, making new friends and challenging themselves.

Camp activities included the low ropes adventure course, swimming, archery, bushwalking, orienteering and more.

“It was a successful camp because students were able to challenge themselves, try something new and make brilliant friendships along the way,” she enthused,

“I was really impressed with the way students encouraged and supported one another through challenging activities,” she said.

Isobel’s highlight of the camp was seeing friendships blossom. Given the number of students swapping contact details and the teary goodbyes on the last day, it’s clear that this was the students’ highlight too.

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