Bravo to the Year 12 Theatre Studies class

Metamorphoses_Alcyone and Ceyx

Congratulations to our Year 12 Theatre Studies students on their recent remarkable production of METAMORPHOSES by Mary Zimmerman at St Martins Youth Arts Centre. 

The play is an adaptation of the classical myths by the poet Ovid. Set in and around a pool of water onstage, the play juxtaposes the ancient and contemporary worlds.

Each of the 37 Theatre Studies students were responsible for two production roles. These included: acting, directing, costume, make-up, lighting, sound, props and set design.

The highly creative and innovative production received enthusiastic responses from their audiences.

The Year 12 VSV Theatre Studies class is taught by Vanessa O’Neill and Kelly Jackson. Students learn through a blend of virtual and face-to-face lessons and workshops.

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