Meet SRC member Charlie

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The SVAL team welcomes the 2024 SRC members who will be workshopping ideas and proposing ways to make VSV even better for students. With 39 members, we look forward to seeing each member build their confidence and leadership skills. 

Meet one of our new members, Charlie. 

Who are you?

I’m Charlie, I am 14. I live in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. I am in a family of four. I have my dad, mum and I have a little sister. I also have two dachshunds named Peppa and Olive – they are twin sisters.

I play lots and lots of tennis. It is my passion. I usually play tennis four times a week.

This year I am hoping to become a tennis coach at my tennis club to gain coaching skills. I hope to pursue a career as a tennis coach. 

What year level are you in? 

I’m in year 9.

What do you enjoy about VSV?

I enjoy VSV as the teachers are supportive and there’s less pressure.

The teachers and staff are always only an email or call away and are always happy to support you if you need some extra support. 

I also enjoy VSV as there is lots of potential for you to grow and make friendships. Some ways to make friends are through the clubs, SRC, workshops and excursions.

Why did you join the SRC? 

I joined the SRC as I wanted to feel like I had a role of responsibility and could share my ideas with others. I also wanted to help work on cool, fun things and make some things work easier for everyone at VSV.

What’s an idea you would like to propose to the SRC?

Maybe sports club where people can talk about sports going on in the world like the Olympics, AFL, swimming or tennis. Students could also talk about their own sporting interests.

For more information about SRC contact [email protected] 

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