Unravelling the formula for engagement


At VSV we use lots of different techniques to engage our students and boost their confidence.

Jordan Sacchetta, a year 10 Coordinator, says that engaging students with innovative and quirky methods in online classrooms is like adding spice to a recipe.

‘It makes learning more exciting and memorable.

‘For parents, it means seeing their child genuinely interested in what they are learning and feeling confident in their abilities. And for students, it’s like discovering a new favourite song or a funny meme. It’s fun, it sticks with you, and it leaves you wanting more,’ he explained.

‘It also helps foster positive student/teacher relationships, builds trust, and creates a supportive learning environment.’

Jordan constantly tries to unravel the formula to engage students.

‘Every day I’m thinking how I can make classes more interesting and improve student success,’ he enthused.

Here, Jordan shares a few techniques:

Technology Integration

Padlet is an online digital bulletin board  that enables students to collaborate and share.  This tool is a great way for students to confidently express their creative selves.

Use of food-based teaching aids

Introducing food-related activities or events can break the monotony of regular classroom routines, sparking students’ interest and enthusiasm.

At a recent Connect Week assembly, teachers, and some intrepid students, participated in a dry weet-bix eating competition. The competition humanised teachers and generated increased social interaction.

Last year, the junior food tech team provided students with the opportunity to learn about alternative protein sources by offering samples of cricket-based snacks.

Jordan Sacchetta

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