New Hub enables students to avoid “the grind”

Bellum bellum class

Students at Virtual School Victoria’s Bellum Bellum Blended Learning Hub received a visit by Principal Fiona Webster and the Parliamentary Secretary for Education and local Member for the district of South Barwon, Darren Cheeseman MP.

The value of studying a subject not offered by students’ home schools was reinforced by students. One student shared, ‘It’s tough to grind through a subject we’re not interested in to get a good ATAR.’

The unique educational opportunities of the hub are also appreciated by Dean Duursma, Principal, Foster Secondary College.

‘It’s exciting that this program and facility provides our students with the opportunity to access academic subjects that are dependent on enrolments in a small school.

‘The Bellum Bellum blended learning model includes important face-to-face lessons, virtual lessons and online course materials that complement the range of resources accessible back at Foster Secondary College.

‘The program enables students to engage in their interests. It gives them the best chance to be successful in a virtual’ setting,’ he said.

The hub, operating as a campus of Virtual School Victoria, supports students in and around inner Gippsland. The initiative provides access to specialised subjects, including:

•     VCE Specialist Maths (Units 1-4)

•     VCE Physics (Units 1-4)

•     Politics (Units 1 and 2)

•     Australian Politics (Units 3 and 4)

•     Global Politics (Units 3 and 4).

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