Tips to get your learning organised in Term 1!


Term 1 has begun and you’ve got your timetable, you’re getting to lessons and you’re familiar with each of your VSV online programs – nice work! (If you’re still working on these things – that’s ok too 😉 It all takes time.) Now let’s take it up a notch. When you’re diving into your study sessions, set some goals for yourself to keep you on track.

  • Will you aim to answer three Science questions?
  • Read up on a topic?
  • Start a writing task?

Commit to 15 minutes at first, but you might just find yourself getting into the groove and wanting to continue 👍🏼

Feeling sluggish? Start with easy stuff to get the ball rolling. Or if you’re feeling bold, tackle something tough first and finish with something lighter. The key? Be intentional about your approach.

Keep things fresh by mixing it up – switch between activities or subjects to stay engaged. Remember to take breaks! Your brain and body need a breather. After each session, take a quick look back at what you’ve covered and note down what might need attention next time.

Stuck on something? Seek help – friend, supervisor, fellow student – even your teacher! 😊 Keep at it, stay focused: small steps lead to big progress.

This article was written by Jeanette Carter. Jeanette is a Year 8 Learning Advisor, English teacher and English as an Additional Language teacher. She has been teaching at VSV for four years and involved in education for 30+ years as learner and teacher.

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