VSV values help brew new friendships


Year 10 students recently learnt the skill of coffee making from espresso to macchiato.

Students were not only engaged in the technical aspects of the program but spent their breaks making new friends displaying all the VSV values of growth, collaboration, respect and empathy.

Melek Tekin, Transitions and Pathways Leading Teacher, said it was beautiful to see how organically the friendships grew.

‘Our VSV values were pivotal in these students developing friendships. They grew by learning together. Collaborated to meet the coffee orders. Respected each other by being inclusive. And showed empathy by totally accepting each other from the beginning to the end.

‘I was especially touched by one girl who asked all the students in the session for their social media details. No one was excluded.

‘We are in a school where all kids are so accepting and I love it,’ she enthused.

Melek said it was a long day for all.

‘I was exhausted but on a high – it was a really lovely day.’

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