Students and teachers jump at opportunity to eat insects


Teaching students to eat healthily has always been a priority at VSV.

But this Connect Week there was a buzz about it. Jenni Markotsis, a Year 9 Learning Advisor, and the junior food tech team, provided students with the opportunity to sample cricket-based snacks during the Connect Week camp.

Circle Harvest, a pioneering Aussie-owned cricket farm, gave an informative and engaging presentation to students and teachers. They also offered samples of cricket-based snacks – plain cricket corn chips and cinnamon churro meal worms.

The reactions were mixed, but the corn chips emerged as the clear winner with no obvious cricket flavour.

Jenni explained that the session aimed to explore alternative protein sources.

‘Our students have diverse diets, so it was important to learn about less traditional and more sustainable ways to eat protein,’ she said.

‘I think we were happy eating food which contained bugs, but it may take us a little while to get use to eating snacks which actually look like bugs,’ smiled Jenni.

VSV teachers sampling cricket corns chips during an online session

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