Meet Sienna – a young Tina Turner

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Congratulations to VSV student Sienna, who is starring as Young Tina Turner in the smash-hit musical TINAThe Tina Turner the Musical

Here you can get to know Sienna a bit better and find out why this experience is simply the best.

When did you join the VSV community?

I joined the VSV community in the middle of March this year, a week after I found out I secured the role of Young Tina in Tina Turner the Musical

What year are you in?

Year 7  

Tell me about your role in Tina Turner the Musical?

My role is Young Anna Mae, also known as Young Tina Turner.

What have you enjoyed most about this experience?

I have enjoyed meeting new people and am thoroughly enjoying my first experience in a professional musical. 

Do you share any similarities with Tina Turner?

I feel I share Tina’s passion for music and dance.  

What is your dream career?

My dream career is  to be an artist/singer; to make a career out of my passion. 

How many hours a week do you rehearse for the musical?

We’re now in performance stage, so I spend 16 hours in the theatre every week. There’s also eight hours of performing and another eight hours on standby just in case I have to go on. This has happened a few times! 

How do you balance your musical career with school?

I balance the musical and school by committing time for both. I try to get all my school work done during the day at home. Then the rest of the time I am basically at the theatre.

What do you like most about VSV?

I like that VSV lets me have a flexible and balanced timetable to make time for school, hobbies and my performances. I must admit that I do enjoy the sleeping as well, especially after a late-night performance!

Which VSV values do you identify with most and why?

The VSV value I identify with most is Growth because I feel like I am always growing and learning new things from my educators at VSV. I’m really grateful to be able to do this in a flexible environment. 

What is the biggest challenge of being in the show?

The biggest challenge of being in the show is making time to relax and hang with family and friends. Living in a different state from my home, also makes it hard to catch up with family, friends and my dog.  I do visit them whenever I can and my family/ friends have also been up to Sydney to watch me in the show which has been really great.

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