VSV’s top 3 new subjects


Since 2019, Virtual School Victoria has rolled out 27 new subjects as part of the Victorian State Government’s Expanding the VCE in Rural and Regional Victoria Initiative to extend the choice of VCE subjects in rural and regional Victoria.

Subjects range from Agriculture and Horticulture through to Systems Engineering.

The figures are now in, and Sociology is the subject that attracts the most enrolments for both Years 11 and 12, followed by Ancient History. English Language Units 1&2 is the subject that attracts the third most enrolments for Year 11 while Physical Education Units 3&4 attracts the third most enrolments for Year 12.

While some may raise an eyebrow at Ancient History coming in at number two, including VSV Ancient History student Ryan, he said it was “pretty cool to hear.”

‘To be honest, I’m a little surprised! History is a great subject. It can build on essay writing skills and builds analysis skills which has been super helpful for my other classes.

‘Ancient History is pretty relevant in today’s world. Innovations like democracy, wineries, bakeries and the senate system are still as relevant now as they were then.

‘It’s amazing to see how far we have come with slight changes to what the ancient civilisations have created,’ Ryan enthused.

Ryan said he wanted to study Ancient History because the subject genuinely interested him.

‘I like learning about myths and dictators. So far, my favourite part has been learning about Julius Caesar – he’s been one of the most intriguing faces in Roman history,’ he explained.

The full list of VCE subjects at VSV is available here.

Photo of student Ryan below

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