Term 3 Primary Connect: Fostering Science Curiosity

primary 1

Virtual School Victoria recently buzzed with excitement as primary students embarked on a science-themed learning journey at Primary Connect Day. The event aimed to nurture curiosity through exploration and investigation.

Teachers were impressed by the way students worked together to investigate, learn and share their thinking and ideas with each other. Students participated in a range of hands-on activities, such as using pipettes to observe colour absorption, making and flying paper planes, and learning all about air pressure. They also learnt about the importance of staying safe while working in our science laboratory.

A highlight for both students and parents was the captivating outdoor science demonstration showing the scientific process in action. The children’s animated reactions as they watched intently reflected their excitement, enthusiasm and fascination.

While students connected with their peers and their teachers, parents gathered together to share strategies for supporting their children’s learning at home.

The Term 3 Primary Connect Day at Virtual School Victoria nurtured science curiosity in students and offered parents a platform to connect and exchange ideas. An enjoyable day for all involved!

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