Praise Sung for Studio Session

pughouse 1

“Life-changing experience,” “surreal – like a dream,” and “an opportunity we wouldn’t get elsewhere,” were just some of the feedback recently received from VSV Music Contemporary Performance students.

The students were describing an intensive recording experience that was part of the subject.

Dr. Tim Nikolsky, who teaches Music Contemporary Performance at VSV, said students went above and beyond their abilities and did some incredible work.

‘These young musicians were given the unique and high-pressure opportunity to perform their best work and then critically listen to their performances.

‘One of the best ways to make musicians even better is to have them reflect on their work. At VSV, we encourage students to make recommendations for improving their work and provide a supportive and encouraging professional environment to help them grow,’ he explained.

For many students, this was a significant opportunity and one of the most exciting experiences they could undertake in their VCE subjects.

Tim commended Pughouse Studios for making our students feel so welcome and supported for what was mostly their first real recording experience, and hopefully the first of many!

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