“I’m feeling pretty happy”: student reaction to values letter


It’s not everyday that a VSV student gets a values letter – a letter that acknowledges a student for displaying a VSV value – but Year 10 student Holly received two within two months.

Holly received values letters for displaying both respect and collaboration earlier this year.

As a compassionate classmate, Holly was recognised for the way she respected how her classmates were feeling in class.

‘I like to make sure my class mates are OK and support them if needed,’ she explained.

‘Sometimes, they may be over-stimulated and need a break. I’ll then draw on one of the tools I have learnt in equine therapy and teach my classmate how to breathe.’

Holly says her experience with team sports helped her understand another VSV value – collaboration.
At Connect Days, Holly would invite students standing alone to join her and other students.

While Holly said she was “surprised” to receive values letters, she said it also made her feel “pretty happy.”

New to VSV this year, Holly said it’s “much better than mainstream school.”

‘Everyone is super nice. You can take your time with things which makes it less stressful. I also feel like I can be more open with teachers and students at VSV. I feel better understood.”

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