Noa advocates for inclusive playgrounds at Parliament Prize


Noa, a Year 6 student, has taken part in the Parliament Prize 2023. This competition is open to Victorian school students from Years 5 to 12. It allows students to share what they would say to parliament if they were a Minister (MP) and deliver a speech on a topic close to their hearts.

For Noa, choosing her topic was a result of keen observations of her local neighbourhood playgrounds and her own experiences with best practices for improving the body’s strength and conditioning. Noa crafted a compelling argument advocating for playgrounds to be accessible for all children. She astutely pointed out that many playgrounds being built today still lack wheelchair-friendly surfaces.

Judging is currently underway and successful entrants will be announced this month.

Noa’s insight into this important issue and her confident and eloquent speech have already made her a winner in our eyes.

Good luck Noa!

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