Inventors Club Explores Strange New Worlds


The VSV Inventors Club, known as Astro Pi, has embarked on an exciting journey, providing an innovative learning experience for its members. By mailing out the CSER Lending Library Space Science Kit, students across Victoria have enjoyed a thrilling virtual reality (VR) adventure, making it their most engaging venture yet!

Guided by dedicated teachers Roland Gesthuizen, Becca Eames, and Gary Bass, young inventors at VSV explore the wonders of space with the Space Science Kit. Discussions cover fascinating topics such as black holes, programming, electronics, quantum mechanics, and eclipse mechanics. Astro Club members even had the opportunity to examine Saturn’s rings and Mars rovers through VR.

Passionate inventor Erica shares, “Uncovering the mysteries of the cosmos and atoms has been a wonderful experience that has fuelled my imagination.”

Now, the club ventures into electronics, designing gadgets with tape blocks, LEGO, and Minecraft. Some inventors have created robots and fantastic worlds to empower young minds with a sense of wonder for our vast universe through science and technology.

The VSV Inventors Club nurtures curiosity and inspires a passion for learning. The club extends its gratitude to mentors, teachers, and sponsors for making this enriching experience possible.

For information on VSV Clubs, contact Tanya Chambers [email protected]

Roland and Becca are enjoying the journey with young inventors.

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