Spotlight on Neurodiversity Club


Neurodiversity (ND) Club is a safe, social space for students to meet, hang out, have a voice and feel connected to the wider VSV community. We celebrate the different interests of one another and our different ways of thinking and experiencing the world. Students can identify as Neurodivergent or be an ally, as long as they’re respectful and supportive of all members.

It’s a great club to join if you have a variety of interests or want to share your hobbies with others.

Common topics of discussion include: animals, pets, art (digital and craft), transport, education, inclusion, movies/tv, music, books. We cover it all!

Students attend in a way that suits them. Some with video and audio, some just with audio, some only via chat. And some students just watch or listen. Some don’t attend weekly, but only when it fits into their schedule.

During our third session in 2023, a student said: “I love this club it just feels like a giant friend group hanging out at lunch time!” And we couldn’t agree more!

We currently meet once a week, on Tuesdays from 12.50-1.35pm.

You are welcome to come along to a club session and see if it’s for you!
Contact Taiga at [email protected] for more information.

Photo courtesy of Nick Fewings

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