Here are some of our students’ favourite things about VSV

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The Student Representative Council was recently asked to share a few of their favourite things about VSV. Here’s what they said:

Em: Clubs
Faelan: The teachers are understanding and passionate.
Noah: The teachers are just nice. No further comment needed.
Ciri: Clubs (especially D&D) and some of the absolutely amazing teachers who take time out of their day.
Tahlia: How inclusive it is.
Jess: Staff don’t try to make me drop out due to my disabilities.
Morn: Being able to reach out and talk to my friends and studying while staying safe.
Lexi: The effort all my teachers put into helping me achieve my personal best.
Imogen: The way the classes are run and how my teachers get back to me very quickly about any questions I may have.
Amelie: Being independent but still having those connections through teachers and classes.
Rosie: I am able to work at my own pace and have all the course work in front of me!
Hafsa: Coding, learning about animals and discovering stuff. I love that the teachers support you as you are their own child!
Alex: The teachers are very accommodating and they help you when you need it.
Makenzie: The friendly/welcoming community.
Millie: The teachers are always ready to help. If you need a Webex chat, you can have a Webex chat. If you need an explanation, you get an explanation. If you want help, you get help.
Stephanie: Being able to use subtitles (I’m hearing impaired) and the accessibility.
Evie: The accessibility of course resources.

Photo courtesy of Leone Venter

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