VSV ushers in a positive chapter for Ushwin

ushwin lemon

Year 8 student Ushwin has been thriving since joining the Virtual School Victoria community a few months ago.

Ushwin says he is more relaxed since joining VSV.

‘The social challenges of a mainstream school often left me feeling tired and drained. I’m definitely happier and more upbeat since joining VSV,’ he said.

Ushwin, who is neurodiverse, said he liked how positive the students are at VSV and has found the teachers “nice and helpful.” He also enjoys the flexible learning style.

‘This learning style means that I now have more time to pursue things I’m interested in, like playing guitar. I’m also creating a local young adult book club in our area and have taken up gardening. I have cleared a garden bed and planted a range of native plants and flowers,’ enthused Ushwin.

‘My son can now see beyond academics and discovered other things that matter in life, like finding joy in nature,’ smiled his mum Shimu.

Ushwin is enjoying having more time to play the guitar and garden

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