F-2 at the Melbourne Zoo

melb zoo use

F-2 students recently attended virtual excursions to the Melbourne Zoo as part of Book Week activities.

Students learned about Hope the Eastern-Barred Bandicoot and Pippa the Mountain Pygmy-Possum. They joined zoo experts for two 30-minute online workshops to learn about the external features, homes, basic needs and life-cycles of the possum and bandicoot.

The excursion was a hit with students who were highly engaged during the sessions.

Student Ananya was fascinated by the small size of the possums at birth. She was also surprised by how they can sense the weather changes and hide under the rocks.

Jamie was interested to learn that the tiny Pygmy Mountain Possum uses snow like a blanket while hibernating for seven months. They also have babies in spring and are under threat of extinction.

Lily was amazed to learn that the tiny possum would fit in the palm of her hand and weighs about the same as a chocolate Freddo Frog! She was also very happy to know people are caring so well for the animals. 

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