Why this camp was all downhill


VSV Year 11 and 12 Outdoor & Environmental Studies students recently embarked on an almighty winter adventure to the snow.

With temperatures plummeting to minus seven degrees, students turned the heat up by learning and mastering skills in both cross country and downhill skiing. They slept in multiple sleeping bags in their tents and cooked meals in hand-excavated snow kitchens.

Students also explored the wilderness on skis and night skied. All in the pursuit of knowledge.

To complete their experience, students took the chair lift to the top of the mountain and then demonstrated their newly acquired ski skills on the way down.

Jarod Paine, who lead the camp and teaches the subject, described the students as “champions” and said the camp was filled with “lots of learning and laughter.”

VSV teaches Outdoor and Environmental Studies through virtual learning, as well as outdoor learning experiences.
There was magnificent terrain to explore on skis
Night skiing was a highlight

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