VSV student sews up quilt award


Year 10 Student, Connor, recently took top spot at the Victorian Quilters Showcase Exhibition for his hand-made quilt that took 16 months to make. It measures 80” x 80”.

He was awarded first place in the Secondary student category.

Connor said the quilt making process can’t be rushed.

‘It takes planning and the beginning can be a bit chaotic with fabric everywhere. But if I focus on completing one block at a time – it’s achievable.

‘I am always surprised at the end to see the finished quilt when all the blocks are put together!’

Connor chose traditional quilting block patterns to sew. This meant that his measurements, cutting and machine sewing had to be accurate.

‘If my measurements weren’t accurate I had to unpick and start again,’ he explained.

The hardest part of making the quilt, according to Connor, was hand-stitching the binding.

‘It takes a long time and the hand stitches must be really small,’ he said.

Connor has been sewing since he was nine years old and attends weekly sewing lessons in Kyabram.

His next projects include making smaller quilts and designing a backpack.

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