Jess fights back against cyber-bullying


As a victim of cyber-bullying, VSV student Jess wanted to fight against cyber-bullying and create more respectful online spaces for young people.

Jess is now part of a working group for Project Rockit which unites young people against cyber-bullying.

Growing up in rural areas – sometimes three hours from the closest small town – the internet was Jess’s vital connection to other young people.

What was meant to be Jess’s lifeline to the outside world, soon became a liability.

‘Cyber-bullying is often more subtle than you think. It’s not just outright nasty messages. One of the main ways I experienced it was through manipulative messages that often left me feeling anxious – sometimes I would even sweat and my legs would go numb,’ she explained.

While looking for support online, Jess came across an Instagram post from Project Rockit that was looking for young people to be involved in workshops to combat cyber-bullying.

‘I knew this was something I had to get involved with so I applied. I am now working with Project Rockit and eight other young people to build a program that helps protect younger people online.

‘We are aiming to create something for youth, by youth. We want to help future generations handle the ever-growing monolith of the internet.

‘It’s an amazing experience to go in and share my opinions about a subject I care so much about, have them considered and then work out a way to make them happen,’ Jess enthused.

Photo courtesy of Dee@CopperandWild

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