How a careers practitioner can help students snag their dream job


Trying to decide what university or TAFE course to do? Thinking about what subjects to study in Year 11 and 12?

Then a conversation with Virtual School Victoria’s Careers Practitioner for the Senior School, Blake Stanfield, could be a good step towards the best course for you.

Blake supports full-time VSV students by providing advice on the many and varied paths they can take to achieve their dream careers. He also helps them discover jobs they had previously not considered.

‘It’s about considering the individual student’s interests and presenting career options. Once we have identified suitable options, I will then suggest a range of education or training opportunities to help students achieve their career goals,’ says Blake.

‘Students are more likely to succeed in a course in which they are interested and invested.’

Blake says one of the best parts about his job is being on students’ educational journeys and seeing some inspiring outcomes.

Full-time VSV students can book a meeting with Blake though their Learning Advisor.

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