Distance no barrier to excellence for VSV

alex aades

Virtual School Victoria’s Victorian High-Ability Program (VHAP) team was recognised this week at the Australasian Association of Distance Education Schools for its outstanding work in providing improved educational opportunities for distance education students at a school level.

This is the third time Virtual School Victoria has won the prestigious award.

Around 41,000 Victorian students in Years 5-8 have participated in the $60.2 million State Government initiative that supports government schools extend their high-ability students.

The virtual program, developed and delivered by Virtual School Victoria, consists of intensive ten-week online courses in Mathematics and English for students in Years 5-8.

Alex Fox, VSV’s Acting Assistant Principal for the Victorian High-Ability Program, said he is thrilled with the program’s success.

‘VHAP has an incredibly motivated and talented team of teachers who work together so well. The feedback on the program over the past year has been overwhelmingly positive from parents, partner schools and students,’ he said.

The VHAP classroom provides students with the opportunity to:
• explore and express their ideas freely
• make their own decisions about their work
• be inspired and challenged by each other
• gain confidence in their choices and abilities
• feel excited by their learning.

Principal Fiona Webster said that the program provides valuable opportunities for high ability learners who benefit from additional challenges and collaboration with peers.

‘The team have seen some exceptional work and enjoyed high level discussions as students explore new ideas and ways of exploring concepts,’ she enthused.

The Victorian High-Ability program will provide up to 48,000 high-ability students in Years 5 to 8 at government schools the opportunity to participate in 10-week online extension and enrichment programs, in English and mathematics.

Alex proudly displays VSV’s award

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