A message from Principal Fiona Webster – celebrating VSV’s vibrant community with a new newsletter name


A few years ago our school changed its name from Distance Education Centre Victoria to Virtual School Victoria (VSV). The change was made to more accurately reflect the way our school operates now. We respect and honour the past but times change.

In this edition we are taking one more step with a change of name for our school newsletter. The choice of a name has been made through a school-wide competition. Thank you to everyone who participated in this competition. There were lots of wonderful names and all of your suggestions were appreciated!

I would like to congratulate Year 8 student, Miya for contributing the winning entry. It is my very great pleasure to announce that our newsletter ‘s new name is VSV Life.

We chose the name because it reflects VSV’s vibrant and dynamic community. In our newsletter we aim to celebrate and share the experiences of our diverse and amazing students and staff and their various endeavours.

The school may be virtual. The people and the relationships are real.

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