Could the next great football player be at VSV? Meet Tomislav – VCE student and professional international football player

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An accomplished soccer player, Tomislav joined the VSV community last year to continue his education while playing professional football at an international level.

He is currently in Year 12 at VSV.

Who do you play football for and in what league?

I play first division football for a club called NK Istra 1961 – it’s a Spanish-owned club that’s based in Croatia.

What is your dream career?

My career dream is to become a well-known, successful professional footballer whilst also receiving a good education. I would like to obtain a university qualification within the fields of building construction/project management or finance.

How many hours a week do you train for football?

VSV has given me the flexibility to train 18 hours per week while I also watch online lectures and complete my work. It feels that studying somehow activates my mind and enables me to train even better – this gives me full power and satisfaction.

VSV has allowed me to develop both mentally and physically.

How do you balance your football career with school?

I allocate 4-5 hours every day during the school week. This way it becomes routine. Normally after each training session I have a healthy meal, an hour break and then get into my studying.

What do you like most about VSV?

The flexibility. VSV allows me to become a professional footballer while progressing academically. The support I get from all my allocated teachers is fantastic. I’m actually achieving better results than when I was attending school daily as I don’t have other distractions.

VSV allows me to focus on two main goals – education and sport. Without VSV this would not be possible. One of the two would have been neglected and knowing my father, education would have taken priority. So, we are all really thankful for this opportunity.

Which VSV values do you identify with most and why?

Respect and collaboration. It’s important that me, my teachers, parents and supervisor work together in a respectful and professional way to achieve a common goal – getting a successful education while developing a sporting career!

What do you miss most about Australia?
Close family, old class mates, my old running track from Altona to Williamstown and the Aussie sun and beaches.

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