Sophia lights up over computer build

Sophia I

There is an expression that necessity is the mother of invention.

When social distancing requirements were introduced in Victoria, Year 11 student Sophia had to hand the laptop computer back to her mum for work and study from an iPad.

A gaming enthusiast, Sophia yearned for a gaming computer that had better graphics, faster speeds and more powerful processors than a regular computer.

These devices aren’t cheap, so Sophia spoke to her cousin in the Philippines who works in the gaming industry for advice.

‘He encouraged me to build my own computer,’ she said.

Sophia spent the next two weeks sourcing computer parts from various online retailers and watching YouTube videos.

‘Once I had the parts, it only took me 3-4 hours to build it,’ Sophia modestly says.

‘The hardest parts were handling the pieces – they were so fragile – and doing the wiring. I video called my cousin in the Philippines to talk me through this process as it’s quite complicated.

‘When the computer finally lit up, I felt so accomplished. It was so satisfying!’

Sophia said that taking on this challenge has helped her grow – one of Virtual School Victoria’s four values.

‘I learnt so much from this project. My confidence has definitely increased – I feel like I am much better at taking on challenges now,’ she enthused.

Sophia’s new gaming computer that she built

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