2021 VSV Student Representative Council Review and Highlights

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It can without a doubt be said that this year for the SRC was highly successful, and extremely rewarding for all students and teachers involved. It was great to build on the success of last year’s group.

One of the SRC’s most prominent projects included the continuation of the VSV Voices podcast. Our amazing podcast team coordinated topics, recorded, edited, wrote the scripts and transcripts for all podcast episodes. The podcast episodes featured a range of topics including: mental health, new clubs at VSV, the SRC’s future plans and goals, the new Social-Emotional Learning curriculum, and the role of VSV’s wellbeing team.

In July of 2021, the SRC wrote their first regular segment for VSV’s monthly eNewsletter. Each newsletter featured an update on the SRC’s projects and events, profiles of some SRC members, and logic puzzles for students to solve.

Our incredible Vice-President, Sarah, was responsible for the SRC’s promotional video. This has been shown in classes and at VSV events. With assistance from SRC members, the video was filmed, dialogue was recorded, music was added, and the entire video edited to be presented to the wider school community.

Furthermore, we were lucky enough to be involved in sharing the roles and responsibilities of the SRC with students at both the Year 9 and 10 Choices of the Voices session, during Term 3 Connect Week. We also presented to teachers and staff at their Curriculum Day. In both these sessions, the SRC shared the manner in which we are demonstrating student voice, agency, and leadership.

Everything the SRC achieved this year would not have been possible without the assistance, support, and guidance from the SRC teacher leaders, Laura Wong and Melissa King. We are also grateful to the staff and teachers who were involved in the SRC projects. They put forward our ideas to the relevant staff and teachers, helped lead meetings, and were a constant source of encouragement, motivation, knowledge, and insight. What an incredible year this has been for the SRC! We look forward to the opportunities and exciting projects in the SRC, for the 2022 school year!

Year 9 and 10 Connect Week: Choices of the Voices Session
In early November, the SRC was lucky enough to join the Year 9 and 10 Connect Week for a ‘Choices of the Voices’ session. This session featured both the teacher hosts and student members of the SRC. The main focus of the session was how VSV is promoting Student Voice, Agency, and Leadership (SVAL).

Here’s an overview:
• Laura and Mel spoke of SVAL, and how it is currently being implemented within the school, including all forms of communication (e.g. the podcast, eNewsletter, learning advisors, SEL session, etc).
• We received feedback from students regarding their knowledge of Student Voice (now SVAL).
• Amy and Gemma spoke of the role of the eNewsletter and the process of writing and working with VSV’s staff.
• Noah and Amy spoke of the process of producing a podcast, including all the steps involved (recording, editing, etc).
• The official SRC promotional video was featured again.

SRC Member Profiles

Name: Jamie Wright
Year Level: Year 11
Role: SRC Newsletter Coordinator
Hobbies: Playing video games and Dungeons and Dragons.
Why did I choose to join the SRC?
I joined the SRC to give my voice on important student matters.
What do I like most about the SRC?
I am really proud and happy with the creation of the newsletter section within the eNewsletter. It feels great to be able to make something up from scratch and get it out into the world.
What are my goals for the SRC?
I hope that the newsletter will be able to continue running through not only this year but future years. I also hope to see the SRC grow as a community of students who are able to voice their ideas and opinions of the school and have them heard.

Name: Amy
Year Level: Year 8
Role: Newsletter writer, podcast script writer, and backup podcast host.
Hobbies: Cosplay, Dungeons and Dragons, and anything to do with glitter!
Why did I choose to join the SRC?
I honestly chose to join the SRC because one of my friends I’d met in class was doing it. They said it was really fun, which it is!
What do I like most about the SRC?
I like how everyone can share their unique views and experiences and how students can actually make a change.
What are my goals for the SRC?
I’d like to have more feedback from teachers and students to improve the classes.

Announcing the New SRC Mascot Name
In some of our Student Voice presentations and videos you may have noticed a bright blue dragon in the school colours. This is the SRC mascot who was drawn by Timber, a student in year 9. Recently the SRC voted on its name – Ash!

Ash – the SRC’s new mascot

VSV Crossword Puzzle

Here is a link to a VSV interactive crossword puzzle, made by SRC member, Arohan.

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