Year 9 student inspires tolerance through poem


Virtual School Victoria loves to celebrate the work of our students. We are delighted to share a poem, This is Me, by Year 9 student CC. CC’s poem embraces her diverse African and European heritage and urges people to not “judge a book by its cover.” The theme of respect – a key VSV value – is deeply rooted in this poem.

CC was inspired to write the poem in an English unit, led by teacher Monika Wagner, that asked students to respond to The Lorax by Dr Seuss.

This Is Me

They say don’t judge a book by its cover, and for me this is very true.
What you see may fool you, and warp your point of view!
I am a global citizen, from most continents I have come
I’m proud of my heritage – every place of which I’m the sum.
I rise up from a past, that’s rooted in deep pain,
From ancestors who were bound and enslaved by many chains.
Many other parts within me, carry slavery’s guilt,
Yet a large part plays the bagpipes and wears the famous kilt.
Some say I’m not black enough, and yet I’m too dark to be white.
Why judge me in this way, it really isn’t right!
I wear my mass of curly hair with love and with much pride
My caramel skin gives off a glow, reflecting all my potential inside.
It feels very hurtful when I hear them ask my Mum,
“How long have you had her?” and “where did she come from?”.
We may have different covers, but if you take time to look inside
Our contents are so similar, our bond can’t be denied.
So next time that you see someone, or something that is new
Take the time to investigate before you fix your view.
The cover may mislead you and put your mind astray
And make you jump to conclusions and a negative cliché.
Don’t judge – but always be open, you may be surprised what you find
And when you meet new people, I urge you to be kind.
The world is made up of such diversity, it’s an exciting place to be
And you can help me to say with pride and joy – This Is Me!

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