Supportive VSV community helps Hannah thrive


Year 7 Virtual School Victoria student, Hannah, started at VSV in the midst of the fifth lockdown. In just a few weeks, her school attendance has shot right up.

‘Before I started at VSV I only attended school once or twice in two terms – now I go to all my lessons unless I need to help my mum who is an amputee,’ said Hannah.

‘I was bullied in my mainstream school – both in the classroom and on social media – and I’m really enjoying being in a supportive environment and not feeling as socially anxious.’

Hannah said that VSV is helping her overcome some learning difficulties, that have resulted from not regularly attending school, by including her in maths and literacy support groups.

‘The teachers have been so supportive and I also enjoy their creative lessons. I find it much more interesting learning online – especially through videos and games – than pen and paper.

‘I also like how welcoming the students are. When I started a lot of people welcomed me in the chat boxes of the online lessons. It’s a small thing, but it gives me confidence to do my schoolwork, focus my mind on my work and speak up when I know an answer.

‘I feel really proud of myself for going to more lessons. This brings my confidence up. And when I’m more confident, I learn better,’ enthused Hannah.

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