Student Representative Council (SRC) Update


SRC leadership changes
We are excited to announce that Morn is the new President of the SRC. Co-president Arielle is stepping down and we thank her for her incredible voice and leadership in the SRC. Co-president Sarah is now taking on the role as Vice President and Gemma is our new Secretary.

SRC project updates August 2021
The SRC have been finalising the work they’ve been doing on their elected projects, including the VSV Voices podcast and a promotional video. Students can check out the latest podcast in the Student Voice space in VSV Online.

SRC’s August edition puzzle
Each edition, we hope to share a VSV-based puzzle for you to complete for fun! Here’s this edition’s puzzle.

SRC member profiles August 2021
We will be introducing different members of the 2021 SRC team to help build a sense of community with the wider school community and showcase the amazing work of our SRC members! This month we are introducing the SRC’s new President and Vice President.

Name: Morn
Year Level: Year 11
Role: SRC President and co-host of VSV Voices podcast
Hobbies: Dancing, crochet, and running Dungeons and Dragons.
Why did I choose to join the SRC?
At some schools, the SRC are chosen by popularity vote. This means that the people who are “speaking” for the students are the popular students who won’t necessarily listen to what the “uncool”, “weirdo” kids are wanting or needing. Being one of the “weirdos”, I always found this extremely unfair. So, when I heard that you can just say you want to join the SRC and that is all, I was thrilled! I joined as quickly as I could and started going to meetings. Plus, I desperately wanted the really cool badge!
What do I like most about the SRC?
The inclusivity. We have people from all over Victoria and the planet, different cultures, religions, and we even have disabled people like me. What we say actually matters; things take effect because of the SRC! The anime and the LGBTIQ+ Club both started because of SRC.
What are my goals for the SRC?
To make VSV the most inclusive place it can be for everyone. This includes LGBTIQ people, disabled people, different cultures and beliefs; anyone who calls VSV school. I want to make sure they feel loved, supported, and heard.

Morn, new SRC President

Name: Sarah
Role: SRC Vice President and SRC promotional video organiser
Year Level: Year 11
Hobbies: Crocheting and playing board games with siblings
What do I like most about the SRC?
I like how we work together and have fun together.
What are my goals for the SRC?
My goal for the SRC is to work together to raise awareness of the SRC and encourage students to get involved in the school community.

Sarah, new SRC Vice President

VicSRC course
This year, the Victorian Student Representative Council (a group of school-aged children involved in decision making at a school level) has created a free thirty-minute Introduction to Student Voice course, for all students aspiring to have their voices heard in the school-setting. This is a fantastic opportunity for students who are passionate about making positive change to:

• gain a greater insight into the role of student voice
• learn how to use their voice to initiate change
• learn of the real-life examples of students who have been involved in the change and decision making processes
• learn how to become involved in the decision-making process at school, and
• understand how to apply their leadership skills in a school-setting, as well as outside of school.

The short course is broken up into five modules, each involving elements of theory and practical opportunities to apply the knowledge learnt in that module. This course is the perfect opportunity to become involved in VSV’s decision-making processes, and you are not required to be a member of the Student Representative Council to join!

If you are interested in VicSRC’s Introduction to Student Voice course, this link will direct you to the course page, where you can enrol for free.

We look forward to sharing more SRC updates next edition!

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