A message from the desk of Principal, Fiona Webster

Fiona Webster

There’s no doubt that we’re living in strange times and the pandemic is challenging us all in ways we didn’t expect. The on-again, off -again lockdowns are causing disruptions to many students across the world. As a school that functions virtually all the time, it is pleasing that at Virtual School Victoria (VSV) we’re able to keep the disruptions to student learning to a minimum for most students. Please rest assured that VSV along with other secondary schools will use a process to consider any educational disadvantage that has been experienced by VCE students due to the pandemic.

One of the reasons lockdowns are difficult for many people is that we don’t get to see other people. Even though some of us are quite happy in our own company, connecting with others is a very human need. Virtual Connect and Better Together events at VSV provide an opportunity for our students and community to come together and feel the sense of connection that is still possible even when we can’t share the same physical space. Last week our students in F-6 went on a fantastic virtual excursion to ScienceWorks and learned about the physics of rockets and what it’s like to live in micro-gravity. This week students in Years 7-12 will have the opportunity to participate in a range of activities during Virtual Connect Week. Parents/carers/guardians should be on the lookout for their invitation to the next Virtual Parents Connect event.

Life goes on in the school system during lockdowns and I am excited to let you know that I have now been formally appointed as Principal of Virtual School Victoria after an extensive recruitment process. I have worked at the school for many years in a variety of different roles and with many different students, families, teachers and community organisations. I am looking forward to working with you to strengthen the sense of a connected virtual school community and creating opportunities for students to learn and thrive.

I hope you enjoy this edition of the newsletter. It truly showcases the diverse skills and talents of our amazing students and teachers.

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