Principal’s welcome

Fiona Webster

Whether it’s the way we learn, work, or connect with each other—it’s clear that our daily lives have been transformed by the COVID 19 pandemic.

Virtual School Victoria is ideally placed to provide continuity of learning during lockdowns but I would like to acknowledge that our broader community has been impacted in many different ways by the rapidly changing circumstances. The most recent lockdown is no exception.  The impacts are felt by each member of our school community – students, families and staff – in very personal and individual ways.  Many students and staff were also impacted by the storms that hit Victoria last week and power outages provide challenges to the online learning and working environment. It has been wonderful to see how these experiences have been respected and empathised with by our diverse and dispersed Virtual School Victoria community. Respect and empathy – as well as growth and collaboration – are core values at Virtual School Victoria.

On Friday we will reach the end of another school term. Reports will be available online on Friday and I encourage students and parents to remember that this is a point in time record of growth and achievement. It should reflect the progress that has been made due to applying abilities to the work at hand. Please view it as a stepping stone in the year of learning and take on board the advice of your subject teachers and Learning Advisors. Take time to celebrate and acknowledge achievements. If things haven’t gone so well, also take some time to think about what can be done to change that situation. Last but not least, I would like to wish you all a wonderful holiday break and I hope you enjoy this edition of our newsletter.

Take care of yourselves and each other.


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