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The Student Representative Council (SRC) is a group of 21 students who look to improve Virtual School Victoria (VSV) from a student’s perspective.

The students currently involved in the SRC range from years 7 to 12. Volunteering their time and attending meetings regularly, they are committed to making their school environment the best it can be. The SRC have worked on, and continue to put effort into projects such as the following:

SRC Podcast
Currently, we have our SRC co-president Arielle Denyer overseeing this year’s podcast, VSV Voices. This podcast will feature – you guessed it – the voices of the SRC, and the VSV student body! If you are a fan of podcasts, then we strongly encourage you to have a listen. The podcast will feature various topics from school news to interviews. Project manager Arielle’s goals for this podcast include “reaching the wider school community”, “giving students a voice to express themselves”, and “creating more opportunities for students to be involved in the school community.”

SRC Promotional Video
Whilst the podcast is being organised, we have our co-president Sarah Jackson, and SRC member Amy McLean overseeing the SRC’s promotional video, which will feature our amazing SRC co-ordinators, leaders, and members, answering questions such as:
• Who are the SRC?
• What do the SRC do?
• What are some of the SRC’s goals for VSV in 2021, and for the future?
• Why was SRC formed?
• How can I contact the SRC with questions, feedback, or concerns?
• How can I, as a VSV student, make my voice heard?
Make sure to keep an eye out for the video, you won’t want to miss it!

Attitude to School Survey
Have you heard of the Attitude to School Survey? If not, this is your opportunity to share your experiences, and take part in the decision-making processes and operations that occur within VSV. This survey is run annually for students, parents, and teachers in schools all around Victoria, with the results collected anonymously, and used by VSV’s leadership team to gain insight into the student experience. This survey will be made accessible in an upcoming email, and students who complete the survey can enter a competition to win a $50 JB Hi-Fi or EB Games gift voucher.

State Youth Leadership Conference
On the 28th of April, a group of SRC students attended the 2021 State Youth Conference, where students were able to hear from three inspirational speakers and a panel of young leaders. The students enjoyed the opportunity to meet in person for the first time.

The Youth Conference gave lots of inspiration for the attendees to go forward in their studies and take leadership roles in the future. The conference included speeches on the meaning of leadership, public speaking advice, and advice regarding VCE for the students who were at that later point in their studies. Students outside the SRC at VSV could also attend the conference.

On Monday the 24th of May, students also had the opportunity to go to the National Young Leaders Day, where they got to hear from speakers such as Josh Pyke and Jimmy Rees. Again this opportunity was opened to students outside of SRC, as future events likely will be too.

Written by Amy, Gemma and Jamie.

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