Spectacular performance lands Virtual School Victoria student a principal role

Olivia 3

Year 11 Virtual School Victoria student, Olivia, has sashayed her way to the role of a principal dancer in the Victorian State School’s Spectacular.

The event showcases and unites government school communities through working towards a common goal of more students reaching the highest level of achievement in the arts.

Olivia, who started dancing at two, said auditions for the 2021 show were held via zoom due to social distancing requirements.

After impressing the judges at her zoom audition, Olivia got a call-back. At her next audition, Olivia performed in-person – but wearing a mask.

‘Dancing in a mask was harder than I expected. I became quite sweaty and there were times when it was hard to breathe during such an energetic performance,’ she said.

Olivia is no stranger to being part of the Victorian State School’s Spectacular – this is her third one.

‘It’s an incredible experience. I have made so many friends from being involved in this event; it’s a lot of fun and I really enjoy the family-like atmosphere.’

Olivia, who aspires to work in the arts, also said it is an amazing stepping stone in her career as she works with talented creators and choreographers who are influential in the industry.

‘It’s an honour to work with these people.’

‘At times it is unreal to think that I’m part of such a big project. I feel so lucky and privileged to be part of this project that showcases talent within Victorian State schools.’

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