VSV student features in video made by prominent international science library


Year 5 Virtual School Victoria (VSV) student, Joshua, was recently profiled in a video made by America’s Linda Hall Library – one of the largest science libraries in the world. Joshua also featured in a recent edition of their magazine.

Joshua has always had a curiosity and passion for science. Growing up near the beach, he loves studying textures within the sand, exploring different animals inside rock pools, and admiring majestic pelicans. At home, Joshua enjoys jigsaws, building towers and constructing elaborate train track systems. He also likes learning about fire trucks at the local fire station. Joshua enjoys LEGO and has displayed his captivating creations at Brickvention. His specialty builds are police cars, rockets and fire trucks.

Joshua was part of VSV’s In2Science program which matches science students with mentors in the science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM) disciplines. Joshua described his mentor, Steph, who studies Zoology at La Trobe University as ‘the best mentor I could ever want!’

Joshua has also participated in Emerging Sciences Victoria’s online subjects: Frontiers of Physics and Nanotechnology.

Joshua’s dream is to work for NASA as an aeronautical engineer, designing and building rockets, as well as becoming the second LEGO Certified Professional in the Southern Hemisphere.

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